What led to the creation of the world’s best pillow?

“Necessity is the mother of invention” a quote by Plato, the eminent Greek philosopher, rightly applies to the birth of the Mpillow.

Darren, the creator, and founder of Mpillow used to have sleepless nights which negatively affected his health and productivity throughout the day. The conventional pillows offered in the market could not cure his problems and only left him with severe neck pain and body ache. 

He discovered that there were various like him who either dreaded sleep due to the body aches it induced, or were unable to receive proper sleep. This motivated him to find a solution to such problems by designing a pillow that helped people achieve healthy, restful sleep they desire. 

He started off by educating himself with ergonomic courses and different types of body structures and sleep postures from a Taiwanese chiropractor and speaker, Zheng Yunlong ().

This experience taught him that each person has a unique shape and would require a different type of neck support and pillow height to support their posture. In this phase, he also learned the significance of hygiene when it came to pillows as they are home to millions of bacteria and dust particles, which led him to investigate methods to prevent that from occurring.

Finally, after much research, he used his 30 years of experience in engineering to craft a product that incorporated all of the above features and enhanced the quality of sleep. He experimented with various prototypes and sent his designs for numerous tests to obtain valuable feedback from chiropractors.

Darren with his creation, The Mpillow

Darren had taken up a strenuous task as he had to juggle between product development, his office job and family. However, after years of struggle his hard work paid off as he was able to develop the ideal model that resolved all his issues and provided him with the sleep he not just craved, but needed. This was the birth of a revolutionary design that made it possible to wake up feeling energized and not fatigued.


 Mpillow facilitates the optimal sleep posture and can be tailor-made to a person’s unique body structure as it comes in a wide range of sizes from XS all the way to XL and makes it possible for you to customize the materials, from pillow cover to the fillings inside. In addition to that, you receive pillow consultancy to help you choose a pillow that would accommodate all your needs.