Cervical Neck Support

$38.00 SGD

Designed for people with a deeper curve in their necks, this cylindrical filling cushion provides consistent neck support for back sleepers.

Back to Neck
Size (Soft to Firm):

Small (2” to 2.5”) - Short neck
Medium (2.5” to 3.0”) - Standard neck
Large (3.0” to 3.5”) - Long neck


Customer Reviews

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Design wise excellent but the top cover that was able to detach by velcro not so firm as after awhile it detach by itself as your head was resting and turning which make the cloth not in the right position. Other than that, great support.

Our first M pillow

It’s release the tension in my neck as well as my both shoulders.

Give Mpillow a shot!

I decided to try Mpillow after buying different pillows every year to solve my shoulder & neck aches.

I’m a side sleeper. Most pillows were either “high” enough to support my neck, while laying on my side, but too firm. Or soft enough but too firm.

Mpillow seems to have solved this issue for me. Though not the softest, it’s soft enough such that I don’t get a tension headache. After 1 month of trial, I don’t experience shoulder aches too.

The owner also mentioned that side sleepers are usually a result of unsuitable pillow. Surprisingly, I do find myself sleep on my back more often with the Mpillow.

I would recommend Mpillow to my family and friends as an investment for their bodies and a good night sleep.

MPillow Review

This customizable pillow has completely transformed the way I sleep! It lets me to add or remove filling so it gives me perfect support.
It also offers an impeccable support that alleviates my neck pain and grants me a much better sleep at night.

Marifel Pascual
Basic pillow and cervical support

Basic pillow is very comfy nut the cervical support is too soft.

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