Book an appointment with us

Bookings for measurements are complimentary till further notice.
Each booking is catered to 1 person each.
Please book an extra time slot if you have more than one person to customise for.

Dress Code for customisation

Consider wearing comfortably for your fitting as you
would be able to give the Mpillow a try after taking the measurements.

Doorstep Customisation

If dropping by our office is inconvenient for you, we provide measurement and customisation services right at your place at your convenience with a one time fee.

1. Checkout with your customisation location
2. Select your date and time during checkout
3. Our pillow expert will attend to you upon confirmation.

Measurements required

- Shoulder Length
- Neck Depth
- Neck Length
- Head Depth


Try our A.I measurement tool (Coming Soon)

We constantly innovate better ways to allow users to try our Mpillow. With out A.I tool, just a snap of a few photos would do!