How You Stand Is How You Sleep

Mpillow Suits All Builds

The Bespoke Mpillows were customised for Skyjin and Piggie accordingly so the pillows fit them when they sleep on their side and back. In these photos, the Mpillows are adjusted accordingly to their build and shape to show how you stand is how you sleep.

Our Ambassadors: Skyjin & Piggie

Skyjin has won several awards including:

2022 Mr Kedah Bodybuilder Light Heavyweight Champion

2022 Mr Malaysia Bodybuilder Light Heavyweight Top10

Skyjin's Testimonial

“For several years, I’ve had trouble sleeping well at night. I tried different types of pillows but nothing worked. Thankfully I discovered the Mpillow. It is the only pillow that can fit my size and build perfectly and give me the right support. For the first time in years, I have been able to get seven to eight hours of deep, quality sleep every night. I am also amazed that the Mpillow successfully resolved my shoulder pain. I had no idea it was caused by ill-fitting pillows!”

Skyjin, fitness trainer and bodybuilder, 2022 Mr Malaysia Bodybuilder Light Heavyweight Top10