Shipping policy

All orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. We would ask you to check your order against the measurement form if you require us to configure it more accurately for you. You will receive a notification with tracking number to track your shipments. Customised & configured Mpillows will take an extra day. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped. 

Refund Policy

It is our privilege to serve you with the best.
Our mission is to assist you to have better sleep and improve your sleeping posture over time.

Nevertheless, in the event you choose to return the pillow, it is our Company's Policy that the original user/buyer contact us in person. This will allow us the opportunity to reconfigure the pillow for you for we believe we are poised to deliver the most personalised pillow in Singapore for your comfort.

We also collaborate with various other Partners who envision essential sleep for quality of life. Something we can share with you too.

Hence, it is our principle that only after the 2nd re-customisation will we allow a refund upon deducting a $75 administrative/service fee from the pillow(s) cost regardless of discounts or promotions which included individual pillow accessories for the refunds to process through.

We are committed to ensuring the best possible experience with Mpillow. If you do not have a pleasant experience sleeping on Mpillow. Please reach out to us to go through the refund policy process at

Today's Sleep is for Tomorrow's Headstart!


Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy


Cancellation only applies before the tracking code is being sent to you. You can cancel immediately upon purchase at any point in time before the tracking code is being sent to you. After which if you have received the tracking code, you would be unable to cancel your order.


Upon receiving the item, if you find any defects from the product purchased please reach out to us with an image of the defect and send it to We only accept returns 2 weeks before the purchase date. Wear and tear of products is not considered a defect. Please check our pillow care guide at our website for more information regarding care & maintenance of the Mpillow. Email us at to begin your return process


In the case of an unsuitable pillow size, exchange policy are applicable only 2 weeks into the order. You are required to head down to our office to exchange in person. Deliveries does not apply to the exchange policy as we would like to be able to go through the measurement process and also configure the optimal posture in our office before we do a 1-1 exchange as no additional cost. In a case where you purchase a pillow size bigger than your measurements, there would be no refund of the pillow size difference. However we can include extra cases or covers based on the amount difference. If the pillow size is smaller than the measured size, you are required to top up the difference of the product price. E.g( Upgrading from a (S) Mpillow to a (M) Mpillow linen would require additional payment.

For any other info, please contact us at