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Using the same modular structure as the Mpillow, the firmness of Mbolster is adjustable and suitable for side sleeping. Our Mbolster is also hygienic as it is 100% washable. It comes in different sizes to suit your height. You may also add on our Mbolster case made of tencel material to give it a premium feel. 

The inner case is made of white polyester fiber. 

  • Size S Mbolster (0.8m): Ideal for children or people 1.50m and below
  • Size M Mbolster (1.0m): Ideal for people 1.50m to 1.80m
  • Size L Mbolster (1.2m): Ideal for people above 1.80m

What's in the packaging

X1 Mbolster inner case*
X1 Vacuum Bag
X1 Laundry Bag

Fillings Quantity
Fillings provided and based on the selected size

*Bolster case is excluded. It is optional and it is an add-on.   


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Size Chart

Select the right size for your Mbolster based on your height.

Discover the Mbolster

Complementing the Mpillow in providing better sleep quality is our Mbolster. While the Mpillow helps prevent neck and shoulder pain, the Mbolster ensures side sleepers maintain the right lower back posture throughout the night to prevent muscle strain and lower back pain.

A bolster that's excessively large or overly firm can be incredibly uncomfortable, akin to embracing a piece of rigid wood. Over time, it may gradually soften. If you inspect the inner fabric, you may notice it's turned yellow, likely due to the accumulation of dust mites. This is because conventional bolsters, being too bulky, are challenging to clean effectively.

The M Bolster revolutionizes the traditional paradigm. Its innovative design ensures you have a hygienic bolster with just the right balance of softness and firmness that remains durable over time, providing you with daily comfort.

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