Why you're constantly yawning

Is there a way to improve the quality of sleep one gets? 

According to National Geographic, yawning aids in cooling down the brain as it causes the sinus walls to expand and helps pump air into the brain, but nevertheless, yawning can be really annoying. It makes you feel lethargic and also makes you look unprofessional when you're yawning away in a professional setting. 

Here is why you are yawning so much: 

  1. You have anxiety/are stressed: Yawning is actually a natural response to exhaustion or stress. There are a couple of reasons proposed to further explain this phenomenon, the most common, however, is the fact that yawning has a calming effect in your body. This could possibly be why people who have anxiety or are nervous tend to stress a lot. 
  1. You are surrounded by sleep-deprived individuals: Yawning is severely contagious! You probably yawned while reading this article, due to its emphasis on yawning, and that is exactly how contagious it is. The mere thought of yawning can force your jaws to open up. 
  1. You are sleep deprived (DUH!): Given the current "rat race" of an environment, it is no surprise that you are constantly sleep deprived. We often struggle to keep up with the day to day life and there is almost always something that we would want to do, but can't due to lack of time. Due to all this, we find ourselves compromising our sleep the most. 
  1. You couldn't sleep well: You are unable to sleep due to uncomfortable surroundings, due to pent up sleep deprivation because of which you are not able to get proper sleep each night. 

All these points just point to the fact that we are all working in an emotionally and physically harmful environment. Almost every other individual around is is either stressed or sleep deprived and there is nothing we can do about it because this is the kind of sacrifice we find ourselves making when we choose to find success in a commercial hub like Singapore. 

But don't lose hope 

Because we can always make changes in our day to day life, such as altering our diet and prioritizing our mental and physical health.

To start you off, we would recommend you to start off by surrounding yourself with the right kind of sleep "equipment". We spend almost a quarter of our life sleeping, which is why we need to start making wise choices when it comes to our bedsheets, mattresses and of course, pillows!  

Your pillows significantly impact and control your body posture as they are in direct contact with the spine and head, and if they happen to be even a little uncomfortable, they may negatively affect not just your sleep, but your overall posture. 

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