The Mpillow was born out of our founder’s own search for the perfect pillow. Our journey began in 2016, when Darren suffered from chronic neck pain and poor sleep due to ill-fitting pillows. Despite trying every pillow that promised good neck and head support, nothing worked.

Frustrated and eager for a restful sleep, Darren tapped his years of experience and training as an engineer to design, sculpt and stitch together a pillow that gave the right support no matter how he slept. After much trial and error, he had his first good night’s sleep in months. Importantly, his self-crafted pillow with its unique “M” shape eliminated his neck and shoulder pain.

Delighted with his creation, Darren decided to make the Mpillow available to everyone who needed it. Realising that everyone’s shape, size and preferred firmness level is different, he saw the need for the pillow to fit each person – not the other way around. This led to him developing five different sizes and engineering the Mpillow’s modular structure to ensure it is easily adjustable − eventually patenting the design in 2017.

Today, recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists, the Mpillow continues to help countless patients and individuals gain relief from pain and maintain the right sleep posture every night. For its exceptional design quality and proven track record of improving the lives of users, the Mpillow received the Singapore Good Design Award 2022.

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