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Suitable for:
- Those with some form of tight neck
- Appreciates ergonomic design
- Wants affordability
- Sleeps on back and side

Suitable for:
- Unable to cannot find suitable pillows on the market
- Unique body structure
- Wants a customised pillow

Modular Parts

Modular Parts

Limited assembly

Customisable assembly

Shoulder length

Shoulder length, neck length, neck depth, head depth

Warranty Period:
30 days trial

Warranty Period:
10 years (fillings)

Basic Support

Bespoke Support

3-part components:
Cover, case, fillings

Up to 6-part componests:
Cover, case, inner protector, fillings, cervical neck support, ear comfort pads

Natural linen case

Choice of natural linen or FibreCool

Price Range:
XS: $99
S: $110
M: $132
L: $147
XL: $170

Price Range:
XS: $300 - $330
S: $320 - $360
M: $360 - $400
L: $420 - $460
XL: $470

Customisation Charge:

Customisation Charge:
1st hour - $40

Doorstep - $80 for one time transport charge to any location eg. hospitals, hospice, old folks home, clinics, homes etc.

Firmess Level:

Firmless Level:
Adjustable firmess

Purchase Option:
Online (Delivery or self collect)

Purchase Option:
Online (Delivery or self collect) or
In-person consultation by appointment

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Components of Basic Mpillow

Components of Premium Mpillow