Tailormade & Modular

A pillow for any sleeper

Tailored made and adjustable, Mpillow optimises your sleeping posture throughout the night

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Ergonomics Support

lateral & supine sleep postures

Designed for you to sleep both positions in one pillow. Without disrupting your rest.

Ergonomic Shape

A difference in height

For most of us, sleeping on the side requires a different height when you sleep on the back. Our pillows gives the flexibility to do so.

Sleep Measures

Shoulder Length is relative to the Size of your pillow!

With multiple shoulder length, Mpillow is tailored to suit your shoulder size to sleep on the side comfortably

Customisable Back Height

Different head curvatures and neck curvates could affect the adjustments for a good sleep.

Stiched separators to divide compartments.

Special Dividers

Keeping the integrity of Mpillow's shape & Height

To have a consistent pillow height and shape to support the neck and back, we kept the fillings where the fillings should be.

Easy to Adjust

Many pillows in Mpillow

Adjusting your pillow height is never this easy, we have a system of adjustments, tailored for every single person

Individual Filling Pouches

Adjustments under your control

With the filling sewn into small pouches, adjusting is easy peasy! Simply insert or remove pouches to adjust to your desired height.

Separated into three compartments, you can even customise different heights for different sleeping positions in each individual compartment.

Cervical Neck Support

Structured additional support designed for people with a slightly curved neck. 

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