Text neck syndrome

How your smartphone is killing your (and your kid's) spine. 

Ever wondered how today's youth would look like when they are old? personally, I feel like they would all have a terribly hunched back, and would have to deal with spinal and back problems for the better part of their old age.

This is largely due to the quality of life that we are currently living.

humans have never had easier access to technology and gadgets, which means we're living our best life (In a way), but has our quality of life really improved? 

The term "text neck" didn't even exist a decade or two ago, yet such cases are currently rapidly increasing, due to the manner in which we are living nowadays. Most of us are stuck on a desk for the better part of the day and often don't have the time (or energy) to live an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, our kids have caught up with the trends (or they could have simply learned by looking at us) and they too, are consumed by their own devices. 

It may affect them more seriously as they are still growing and their body ius much more delicate. If they continue to sit with their tablets in an incorrect posture for long periods of time, they may suffer from neck and back pain that is usually experienced by a 40-year-old! 


What is "text neck" and how does it occur?

Text neck syndrome occurs when we bend our head downwards and look at our phone for a long period of time. When we bend our head forward, in this unnatural position, there is a significant amount of weight put on our spine. This is because the gravitational pull acts on our head, pulling it down and making it heavier on the back, causing tightness across the shoulders and soreness in the neck. 

Bending our head downwards is against the natural curve of our spine and can lead to the inflammation of the neck ligaments, nerve irritation and increased curvature in the spine. It, therefore, leads to wear and tear of the spine and even lead to surgery further down in the future. 


How can Mpillow help? 

Mpillow is a unique M shape ergonomic pillow that facilitates different sleeping positions that help you optimize your sleep at night. This pillow is designed to make you sleep better by supporting your neck, shoulders, and head, allowing them to be properly aligned with the rest of your spine. This unique pillow, therefore, allows for your posture to better adjust overnight. 

You won't be waking up to body ache or stiffness if you use this pillow because of its design and design only. The reason it works is that the idea of the pillow being of a "standard size" doesn't exist here. Your pillow will be as unique as you because the size of your pillow is determined by the width of your shoulders. In addition to that, you can customize the height of the pillow by adjusting the individual filling sachets.

Some other tips  

1. You can simply look down at your phone, without bending your head at all or too much. 

2. Try bringing your phone or device at eye level

3. Avoid bending your head for long periods of time. If you need to, try to take breaks and stretch out your neck to avoid stiffness around that area 

4. Teach your kids all this and make it a point to educate them on the causes and consequences and this symptom. 

5. Seek medical attention immediately if you still feel 


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