Macquarie Chiropractic and Mpillow collaboration

Macquarie Chiropractic clinic, located in Robinson Road, has highly trained chiropractors who are deeply committed to their work and specialize in providing high-quality chiropractic services to desk-bound officials in Singapore.

Last week the clinic celebrated their one year anniversary and we at Mellow life were fortunate to have been a part of this amazing event!  

You can now purchase the Mpillow at their clinic! 

The chiropractors tried out our pillow and were really impressed with its design and quality and were convinced that the shape and flexibility of the product had the ability to provide its users with good night sleep, prevent body ache and stiffness and even help improve their body posture. 


We really appreciate their support and thank them for letting us be a part of their event and giving us a platform to showcase our product.  

The overall environment of this clinic is very positive and vibrant and we believe this is due to their dedicated staff and their commitment towards serving their patients. Their state of the art equipment, hygienic practices, and experienced chiropractors furthermore distinguishes the clinic from its competitors.   

In addition to that, their team really enjoy serving the community and they do so by consistently sharing their insights and tips on social media. 

To visit their facebook, click here (You won't regret it!) 

Also check out our facebook if you want to know more about our pillow, its features, and benefits. 

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