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Engineered for comfort.
Designed for good sleep.
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4 easy steps to relieve neck pain and sleep better

Step 1: Select

Select your customisation tier.

Step 2: Measure

Submit your measurements and order online, or book a consultation with us.

Step 3: Configure

We build your Mpillow based on your measurements and send it to your doorstep.

Step 4: Adjust

The modular feature allows you to easily adjust your Mpillow at home. You are welcome to contact us if you have any issues with your Mpillow.

Three Tiers for Every Need

We offer 3 tiers of customisation to suit your unique needs and comfort level.







Who is it for?

- Afford now, upgrade later
- Back and side sleep benefits
- Experiece some form of tight neck
- Appreciate ergonomic design

- Wants to customise online
- Unable to travel to customise with us
- Stays overseas
- Users who cannot find suitable pillows on the market
- Unique body structure when it comes to their sleep and posture.
- Instant reccomendation

Users who cannot find their own pillows on the market or have special Requirements:

- Patients with shoulder and cervical spine pain
- High blood pressure
- Patients after head and cervical spine surgery
- Patients with scoliocis
- Uneven shoulder height
- Reduce snoring

Modular Parts




Assembly Type



Fully Customisable & Tailored


Shoulder length only

Shoulder length,
Neck depth,
Head depth,
Neck length

Shoulder length,
Neck depth,
Head depth,
Neck length
& Extra Modification

Warranty Period

No warranty

10 Years

10 Years


Basic Support

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support +

Pillow Components

3 parts

4 Parts

Up to 6 Parts

Case Materials

- Natural Linen

- Natural Linen
- FibreCool

- Natural Linen
- FibreCool

Price Range (XS - XL)

$99 - $170

$300 - $470

$300 onwards

Service Charge



1st Hr - $40
2nd Hr - $80

Doorstep Customisation

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

$80 - 1 time transport charge in any location.
(Hospitals, Hospice, Old folks home, Clinics, Homes - firmness of the bed)

Softness Level


Medium Firm

Adjustable softness

Purchase options

Buy online

Buy online

By appointment only

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