Bespoke Mpillow

Ensure the perfect fit with our Mpillow expert.

How to order

Book an appointment online.

Drop by for your consultation with our pillow expert.

We take your measurements and photos of your back and side profiles.

Test your pillow and have it adjusted until you are satisfied with the fit. Take home your Mpillow right away.

Enjoy custom comfort

If you have chronic neck or shoulder pain or simply want the right pillow for your needs, our experts will build your Bespoke Mpillow to ensure proper neck support and comfort.

Ear comfort pads

Experiencing discomfort from prolonged pressure on your ears? Our Ear Comfort Pads accommodate your ears while you sleep.

Bring it home, on the same day

Our on-the-spot builds ensures you can take home your Mpillow on the day of your consultation.

Firmness Level

The fully customisable Bespoke Mpillow gives you the exact level of firmness you desire.

Built just the way you like it

Tell us your needs and preferences and watch our experts build your made-to-measure Mpillow.

Try it out on the spot until you are satisfied with the fit before taking it home.

Over 50 unique configurations

The fully-customisable Mpillow offers more than 50 distinct configurations, thus ensuring the perfect fit for all users – whether they have round or flat heads, curved or straight spines, long or short necks, or thick or flat backs.

The Bespoke Mpillow Package

Your Bespoke Mpillow comes assembled with everything you need for a well-supported rest throughout the night.

- 1 Mpillow Case
(Linen blue / Linen Natural / FibreCool)
- A number of small and large filling cushions (depending on your pillow size)
- 1 waterproof inner protector
- 2 satin cover sheets
**Additional tailor services, support accessories
- Travel Vacuum bag
- 1 Laundry bag packaging

Price Range

XS: $300 - $330
S: $320 - $360
M: $360 - $400
L: $420 - $460
XL: $470