Who is stealing your sleep away?

What could be worse than waking up with all of your wealth stolen all in a single night?

If you asked me, waking with a super stiff neck, a sore shoulder and headaches would be the worst thing to get, and we know who the culprit is.


Sleep Burglars.

Sleep robbing thieves don't need a ladder to climb into your home, neither do they need a key to your door. They appear in the very thing you sleep on, shifting it during the night could invite more burglars into your room for a surprise party when you wake up.


If you haven't guessed it, it's your pillow. Bad pillows are the main cause of your neck pain, stiff neck and even persistent headaches. Why would such a fluffy thing on your bed rob your healthy sleep miserably?

Precisely. IT IS THE FLUFFYNESS. Or the lack of it.

You see, your breathing and sleep posture heavily depends on your pillow. The shape of the pillow could cater to the right posture you can have during the night. The fillings that are inside the pillow could make or break the sleep you were looking for. 

In traditional pillows, fillings could either run about in your pillow escaping to other areas to fill. It's like trying to fill up your love life, it's never ending, and never fills up the right way.

Well, in Mpillow you will always be in love with our pillows. Here's why:

1. Our fillings never hide from you. They are always there to support you in any way possible. (Better than the person sleeping beside you - if any)

2. Our specially engineered pillow shape. With the right ergonomic "M" shaped pillow, it caters to two optimal sleeping positions. Back sleep & Side sleep. 

Slay your sleep with Mpillow and keep sleep burglars at bay when you lay.

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