Why did we design the Mpillow?

Around the world, many people face similar issues every night

Sleeping on a pillow too high

One of the many reasons that disrupts your sleep is when your neck is conformed to the height of the pillow, creating a uncofmrotable dent, arching your neck and stretching your back overnight.

Sleeping on a pillow too low

Sleeping too low can also cause neck aches especially when you sleep on the side. If you have ah high arch from your neck, you will feel uncofmrotable sleeping with a flat pillow.

Sleeping in an awkward posture, with cervical spines, under stress.

Sleeping on your stomach could potentially hurt your lower back and neck over a prolonged period of time. You will feel strains when waking up and sleeping in that posture might lower your sleep quality due to the lack oxygen intake in that sleep posture

Possible causes that make your sleep worse

Sleeping with no pillow

Uneasy Shoulder Placement

Possible causes that make your sleep worse

Stomach Sleeping

Possible causes that make your sleep worse

Pushed Neck

We design a guide to optimise your posture when you sleep

For both side sleep and back sleep. Constructed with multiple components, flexible for the perfect fit.

Pillows with the right height can help create a less disruptive sleep habits

Ergonomic Support

Our pillow design support system covers all aspect from your shoulders, to the start of the thoracic to your neck and head shape

Thoracic & Back Support

Sleeping on your back can be a pain in the neck when you are using a pillow that is too soft or flat. For back sleepers, the elongated wedge in the middle of the Mpillow provides the support you need for your neck, providing you with a good sleeping posture.

Shoulder & Neck Support

To create the designated spaces for your shoulders, the “M” curvatures are created, ensuring that your shoulders are getting the right fit.

Releasing the strain on your shoulders when you are sleeping on your sides.

Why is Mpillow usable for all but unique for individuals?

We are all unique, one way or another.

A pillow should fit you, not the other way around.

See how Mpillow is handmade for you

Our objective is to ensure a pleasent experience with accurate measurements when you use the Mpillow.

Experience how we customise the Mpillow for you before you decide to drop by yourself.

How do we adjust Mpillow accurately for you?

To ensure that you have the right fit from the Mpillow, a few measurements is required for this to happen.

shoulder length range, neck length, neck depth range, head depth range measurements

These measurements would be able to reveal the pillow size that you will actually require to have a good sleep posture

This initial suggestion of the pillow size would allow deeper customisability for your neck and back structures.

Configuration designs

With the 4 different measurement metrics identified from the user, we are able to use our fillings technology to adjust precise height support for the user.

The images shows a few of the many types of configurations

How do we customise the pillow of your dreams?

Traditional pillows always come in fixed size and softness. But sadly, one size will never fit all. We design the right balance that suits your preference.

Too soft? It feels like you’re sleeping without a pillow. Too firm? It feels like you’re sleeping on a brick.

Designed with good sleeping posture in mind,
the Mpillow provides different height configuration at the side to cater for different sleeping positions,
and lower in the middle for back sleepers

Shape Design

Shape Compartment Control

We got it under control.

Separated into 3 compartments, fillings in each compartment would stay in shape and in density.

Stiched separators to divide compartments.

Side view of the fillings movement contained around the shape when pressure is applied.

Our customer satisfaction philosophy

10 years height guarantee

We ensure that your pillow fillings could last at long as 10 years when proper care is taken.

We ensure that your pillow is fully customised to fit perfectly for you.

Hygiene by design

Multi-Layered Protection to ensure strict hygiene standards for an undisturbed rest.