Ergonomical Design

With your head, neck, and spine in mind, Mpillow is designed with features to provide you with quality sleep.

Traditional pillows

Traditional pillows always come in fixed size and softness. But sadly, one size will never fit all. Too soft? It feels like you’re sleeping without a pillow. Too hard? It feels like you’re sleeping on a brick. Find the right balance that suits your preference.

Think out of the box

Traditional pillows are rectangular in shape, causing your shoulders to be slouched and pressed against the pillow when you sleep on your sides. Your shoulders need their designated spaces.

unbalanced comfort

Designed with good sleeping posture in mind, the Mpillow provides different height configuration at the side to cater for different sleeping positions, and lower in the middle for back sleepers

Shoulder Support

To create the designated spaces for your shoulders, the M curvatures are created, ensuring that your shoulders are getting the right fit. Releasing the strain on your shoulders when you are sleeping on your sides.

Neck Support

Sleeping on your back can be a pain in the neck when you are using a pillow that is too soft or flat. For back sleepers, the elongated wedge in the middle of the Mpillow provides the support you need for your neck, providing you with a good sleeping posture.

Hushhhhh, quiet!

The secret, the shape

The meticulously designed shape of the Mpillow supports you in every sleeping style.

Different Posture

According to your posture, we are able to customise the Mpillow to cater to different people.

Individuals with a thicker back or medical conditions who require additional elevation will be able to achieve them with the Mpillow.

Shape Compartment Control

Separated into 3 compartments, fillings in each compartment would stay in shape and in density.

under control

Fillings Movement

Side view of the fillings movement contained around the shape when pressure is applied.



Fun Fact

Is good posture having a straight back?

Did you know that ideal posture doesn’t mean having a straight back? Many people think having good posture means standing as straight as possible with your shoulders pulled back. This is actually a relatively unnatural posture and requires a lot of energy to maintain. Ideal posture, where the spine rests in its most comfortable and strongest position, is where the neck has a gentle curve backwards, the thoracic is curved gently forwards and the lower back curves back again

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