Round Neck Cushion

More constant support for curved neck and round headed users 

- Additional Support

- Compacted Support

- Fillings won't shift about too much

- Adjustable Firmness

Slot the Cervical neck Support in the middle compartment

Replace, Insert, Rotate

Inbetween fillings

Rotate the Cervical Neck Support in between the thoracic support and the head support as shown.

Support component

Round Neck Cushion

An additional support for your curved neck. The Cervical Neck Support helps to prevent fillings from getting flatter, as its shape keeps the integrity of the support.

Cervical Neck Support

Consistent Contact point for Support

The compressed fillings in a round cushion provided consistent support to the neck, compact and would not shift around too much over time. It is adjustable as well.

Slot, and turn

Rotate the cushion

Replace the Cervical Neck Support with the supporting filling,
rotating it after slotting it in the pillow