Basic Mpillow

Size matters

Every individual’s body structure is different.

The length of your shoulders determine the height of the pillow, and your shoulder length informs the pillow size.

Profiles that fit the basic Mpillow

Measure your shoulder length using our custoimsation guide. Place your order and your customised Mpillow will be delivered to your doorstep.

The Basic Mpillow is not suitable for certain profile types.
- Round Head
- Short Neck
- Thick Back
- Curved Neck

If you in any of these profiles, we recommend our Premium Mpillow or book an appointment for bespoke customisation.

The Basic Mpillow package

The Basic Mpillow package consist of esstentials items to allow customisation for your sleep. You will have an assembled Mpillow readily delivered for you.

The assembled Mpillow will have:

1 Mpillow Case (Linen Deepblue / Linen Natural White)
1 satin cover sheet
A number of small and large filling cushions
(depending on your pillow size)
1 Travel Vacuum bag
1 Laundry bag packaging

What to expect

Take your shoulder length measurements

Add to cart to basic mpillow reccomendation from the guide

Checkout and enjoy your sleep!