Which Mpillow configuration is for you?

How do I configure my Mpillow?

If you are new to Mpillow and want to find out more, please take some time to read through what to expect during your first visit for your personal customisation session.

When you first purchase your Mpillow…

  • Explain what customer would go through
  • Customisation process
  • Measurements and record keeping

What will you have/expect:

  • You will understand what is your Mpillow profile
  • You will know what pillow size you sleep on
  • You will get to see how you can customise your very own mpillow and how to adjust them.
  • Other tips for mpillow (Washing & Caring)

You can book a customisation session here:

Why do you need to customize your pillow?

Most studies show that it’s recommended for people to sleep on their backs and on their sides. Also known as lateral recumbent and dorsal recumbent positions. This is to create a better breathing position, sleep posture and prevent pains during sleep.

The way we customise the pillow for you is to create support around pressure areas in contact to your bed when you sleep.

Everyone’s contact points during sleep are different, based on our research data shown, no one person's body structure is exactly the same. 

Mpillow is, however, able to identify important support areas when you sleep on both positions and recommend a suitable support for your pillow.

[show how mpillow support the back/neck] 

[show how mpillow support the side/ shoulders]

How does Mpillow design its configuration for every single person?

To simplify our process, we have distilled our configuration based on your own measurements into 3 different stages. 


  1. Defining your suitable pillow size
  2. Defining the body profile type
  3. Defining your configuration type based on (1) and (2).

How do I know my recommended Mpillow size for configuration?

  • Check your current mpillow tag [image here]
  • Invoices of the pillow size you bought


Configuring for the side compartment of Mpillow

To configure the Mpillow, you have to understand what is your profile type and Mpillow size you got. 

To find out or retake the measurements about your pillow size, please refer to the table below.

If you would like to retake your measurement again, you can refer to the video guide below.

Once you know your Mpillow profile, please refer to the chart and videos below to understand the assembly procedure. 

Side assembly

For XS Mpillow - Long neck

If your measures are as follows:

 Neck to back Head to back Head to neck
xxx cm xxx cm xxx cm


If unsure, please play the video as a guide when you fix your Mpillow.

 For Short Necks

 Neck to back Head to back Head to neck
xxx cm xxx cm xxx cm