Tips to prevent shoulder pains during sleep

Why do I get shoulder pains when I wake up?

There are several factors that can cause you to have shoulder pain when you sleep. One of the most common causes is sleeping on your stomach. When you sleep on your stomach, the shoulders are flexed and this can create tension in the muscles and ligaments. Sleeping on your back is a better option for avoiding shoulder pain when you sleep because it reduces the stress on these muscles and ligaments.

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One of the best ways to treat shoulder pain when you sleep is to make sure that your pillow height is appropriate. Pillow height should be at least as high as your shoulders while sleeping on your back or side, but not higher than that because it can cause neck problems as well as shoulder and arm problems.

How to prevent shoulder pain during sleep?

You should treat the right problem for your shoulder pain when you sleep. There are many factors that can cause shoulder pain when you sleep, such as sleeping posture, pillow height and back or side sleeping position.

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You should first identify the cause of your shoulder pain and then fix it. For example, if you are experiencing shoulder pain because of sleeping on your back, then you should try to sleep on your side instead.

Which pillow to get to have the right pillow height?

The right pillow height is essential for a good night's sleep. The pillow should be positioned under the neck and not under the head. The height of the pillow should be in line with your shoulder height and not too high or too low.

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If you have shoulder pain, consider taking your shoulder measurements to identify your pillow size and pillow height in order to understand which pillow height you would need to sleep on.

Sleeping on your back might be the another option for you if your pillow height fits your neck depth. If you have neck pain when you sleep, do try out our measurement guide so that you will understand which pillow suits you best.