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FibreCool Mpillow


What's in the packaging

X2 Pillow Cover (Cotton)
X1 Pillow Inner Protector
X1 Pillow Case (Fibrecool)
X1 Vacuum Zip Lock Bag with Fillings

Fillings Quantity
(Please refer to the assembly guide for the no. of fillings per size)
X1 Dry Bag

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Great product

Cool down quickly

Rapid Heat Dispersion

With our Fibrecool weaving methods. The hexagonal structures absorbs & rapid disperse heat during the night.

Article by Deloitte

"Sleep as the ultimate performance enhancer"

A substantial amount of research has found that sleep is critical to overall performance and well-being. A lack of sleep has a direct, negative impact on a person’s body, mind, and spirit, also affecting emotions, temperament, and self-control. Additionally, chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to many leading health issues, such as heart disease, obesity, dementia, diabetes, and cancer.

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The problem

Neck Pains, Stiff Shoulders, Back Aches

Many people face similar issues every night

The root of the problem? Our Lifestyle Habits


Not sleeping on a suitable pillow makes bad posture habits worse

Mpillow allows to

Sleep on your side

Customised to fit the height when you sleep on the side. The measurements are determined by your shoulder length


Sleeping on your back

With modular fillings and compartments, Mpillow makes it easy to self adjust with filling pouches.

Stay in shape, stay asleep

Shape Compartment Control

Stay in shape, stay asleep with our hand-stitched separators inside the terry waterproof protector. 

Stiched separators to divide compartments.

Filling movement flow

Fillings stays in place in thier designated areas.

The movement of the fillings in  controlled in the separation of the pillow. This creates a firm structure of keeping the integrity of the height of the pillow as always.

Problems with

Inconsistent pillow height

High pillows pushes your head forward, stressing your neck, flat pillows does not support the neck either. Both could casue hinderence in your palate region, pushing you to breathe with your mouth. 

Traditional pillows too high or low will casue spinal twisting and nerve pinching with neck strains throughout the night.

back sleep, side sleep, too high and too low sleeping side effects

Measuring shoulder length

For the right pillow size

To know which pillow size works for you, measure from the tip of your shoulder bone to the other tip. If the measurement is in the middle, get the small sized pillow we have make adjustments flexible.

Size Chart
Correct head and spinal alignment during side sleep. Thoracic, Neck, Head support during back sleep.

Mpillow's Solution

Modular Adjustments

We allow users to adjust the Mpillow to the correct head and spinal alignment when sleeping on the sides.

On the back, it supports the head, neck and the top of the thoracic gently sloping upwards.

Length of Shoulders = Height of pillow

To comfortably sleep on the side, we have to measure your shoulder length in order to fit when you sleep on the side.

Back sleeping measurements

How to measure?

To measure how much height you need when sleeping on your back, lean against the wall and measure the distance from the wall to the highest point of your neck curve.