Why is Mpillow usable for all but unique for individuals?

We are all unique, one way or another.

A pillow should fit you, not the other way around.

Size matters

The length of your shoulder determine the height of the pillow.

The different sizes and modular components allow for easy adjustments to fit your precise body structure.

Different shirt size for different groups of people. Mpillow’s concept is exactly the same

How do we adjust Mpillow accurately for you?

To ensure that you have the right fit from the Mpillow, a few measurements is required for this to happen.

shoulder length range, neck length, neck depth range, head depth range measurements

These measurements would be able to reveal the pillow size that you will actually require to have a good sleep posture

Designed for your preferred sleep position

Our pillow design support system covers all aspect, from your shoulders, to the start of the thoracic spine to your to your neck and head shape

Mpillow's internal design is divided into three parts. Sleeping on the back in the middle, sleeping on the left and right sides at different heights.

Unique configurations for every body

We spent 2 years developing the product, 4 years to create 50 over unique configurations for users with round or flat heads, curved or straight spines, long or short necks, and thick or flat backs.

These different configurations support ideal sleeping posture for unrestricted airways.

Engineered to Perfection

We have 3 tiers of customisation, understand which tier would suit your needs before you proceed with your measurements