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Mellow Life Pte Ltd

Transparent Plastic Vacuum Bag

$1.00 SGD

Why use a vacuum bag?

Storage vacuum-seal bags increase closet and under-bed storage space up to three times. With multiple layers of polyethene and nylon, the vacuum bags offer see-through visibility so you can find items quickly. The bags are durable so they can be used again and again.


The items can be added to the bag, the Zip slider is used to "zip" up the bag, and a vacuum pump or household vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the air that creates bulk.

Bulky items can be compressed into the bags for more compact storage, and they also provide protection from dirt, moisture, mildew, bugs, and odours.



In order to prevent damage to the contents of the package, we recommend that you open it carefully with scissors or your hands. Be sure that whatever you store has been completely dried. 

It is advisable to leave at least 3 inches between the stuff and the zipper to make the bag more secure.


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