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Mellow Life Pte Ltd

Natural Latex Filling Pouches

$23.00 SGD

Benefits of Natural Latex

Shredded Natural Latex Fillings are Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, Dust mite resistant
and is able to create excellent airflow within the contact point from you and the pillow

These fillings compared to our latest fillings are heavier, more bouncy but also good in terms of their quality and lifespan.

In addition to being moldy and mildew resistant, latex does not host dust mites, and it regulates temperature somewhat like wool.


Fillings pouches applications

1. You can insert these pouches in your existing sofa sets, cushion seats or your backrest.
2. If you have Mpillow and would like to create additional support, this would help as well.
3. Fill up your bolsters or old pillows if they are losing their volume.


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