Premium NaturalWhite Linen Mpillow

$300.00 SGD

What's in the packaging

X2 Pillow Cover (Cotton)
X1 Pillow Inner Protector
X1 Pillow Case (Linen)
X1 Vacuum Zip Lock Bag with Fillings
X1 Laundry Bag

Fillings Quantity
(Please refer to the assembly guide for the no. of fillings per size)


Premium Tier Benefits

Pillow Components: 4
Modular Parts: Yes
Modular Adjustments: Fully Adjustable
Assembly Type: Customisable
Customisation Detail:
1. Shoulder Length
2. Neck Depth
3. Head Depth
4. Neck Length

Customisation: Self-Customise
Adjustments: Self-Adjustments
Warranty: 5 Years
Support Services:
Community Support
Online Support


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

They are helpful and friendly.
TCM Physician told me the height of pillow should be lower when laying on back and higher on side. Thinking where to find this kind until I saw M-pillow. and decided to give it a try.

Ivy wee
Excellent customised pillow

My past pillow gave me neck strain when i woke up in the morning.

Decided to look for customised pillow and found M pillow. The pillow is customised for front and side sleep.

It took me a few nights to get used to and after that, i can sleep well waking up with stress free neck

Good Investment!

Have been trying many pillows in the market but just can't find the right one. Found Mpillow via IG. Their customization is true to your fit. I'm happy with the pillow as it didn't give me neck or shoulder pain the next morning. The other best thing is the whole pillow is washable in the machine which brings hygiene to the next level! Get yours now at Mpillow!

Great support & good sleep

Both my daughter and myself bought the linen and FibreCool versions and we have nothing but praise for these pillows. They provide great support at the customized height and width that are suitable for us, making our sleep so much better ever since. Personally, I have been having neckache and shoulder ache as a side sleeper, and just one night on the pillow, the ache pretty much went away and I felt so refreshed the next morning. Very thankful for the invention of this product. Keep up the good work!

Martin CHUA Kim Soon
Good night sleep

Sleep better, less tension on the shoulder and neck area..overall, pillow is comfortable..

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