Mellow Life Pte Ltd

Premium NaturalWhite Linen Mpillow

$300.00 SGD

What's in the packaging

X2 Pillow Cover (Cotton)
X1 Pillow Inner Protector
X1 Pillow Case (Linen)
X1 Vacuum Zip Lock Bag with Fillings
X1 Laundry Bag

Fillings Quantity
(Please refer to the assembly guide for the no. of fillings per size)


Premium Tier Benefits

Pillow Components: 4
Modular Parts: Yes
Modular Adjustments: Fully Adjustable
Assembly Type: Customisable
Customisation Detail:
1. Shoulder Length
2. Neck Depth
3. Head Depth
4. Neck Length

Customisation: Self-Customise
Adjustments: Self-Adjustments
Warranty: 5 Years
Support Services:
Community Support
Online Support

10 Years Warranty

The only pillow in the market that actually gives 10 years of pillow height guarantee.

A breakdown of our components

Custom designed features

An additional later of protection

Cover Sheet

Attach the cover to the soft velcro at the edges of the pillow.

Easy to fit in, easy to remove as well. Wash it every day just like how you wash your clothes.

Keep your pillow clean the easy way.

Waterproof from the inside

Waterproof Internal Protector

Our waterproof protector fabrics are made of terry cotton from the surface and pvc waterproof in the inside. This helps to protect all kinds of bacteria and dust away from the fillings.

Moisture are being absored on the terry cotton on the protector and prevents water particles from entering the fillings.

Curated fabrics for hygiene

Mpillow Case

Our curated pillow cases has antibacterial effect that prevents fungal manifestation. It’s antiallergic and its antistatics properties helps you get better sleep! Sleep without worrying!

Individually sealed fillings

Filling Pouches

The core of our technology of our pillow design is based on the concept of modularity and adjustability.

Each pouche is hand sewed by seamstress and precisecly weighted to ensure quality and consistency is our customisation.

Anti-bacterial & Dustmite free

Filling Material

With our range of microfibre fillings, being light, weightless, hypoallergenic, filled up with Microfiberballs fillings. Ultra-fine and unique compositions measure 0.9 deniers and less.

Our hypoallergenic, our Microfibre fillings could prevent bacteria growth and mould.

Anti-slip base

Our anti-slip base protects your pillow from slipping off the bed. This could prevent your pillow from collecting more dust or dirt on the floor.

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