Premium DeepBlue Linen Mpillow

$300.00 SGD

What's in the packaging

X2 Pillow Cover (Cotton)
X1 Pillow Inner Protector
X1 Pillow Case (Linen)
X1 Vacuum Zip Lock Bag with extra Fillings

Fillings Quantity
(Please refer to the assembly guide for the no. of fillings per size)
X1 Dry Bag OR Laundry Bag 


Premium Tier Benefits

Pillow Components: 4
Modular Parts: Yes
Modular Adjustments: Fully Adjustable
Assembly Type: Customisable
Customisation Detail:
1. Shoulder Length
2. Neck Depth
3. Head Depth
4. Neck Length

Customisation: Self-Customise
Adjustments: Self-Adjustments
Warranty: 10 Years
Support Services:
Community Support
Online Support


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wardah Hanim
Trial of Mpillow

I used to wake up every morning with stiff & aching neck and shoulders. Eversince I slept on Mpillow, no more stiffness and achings when I wake up. Finally a solution I have been looking for! Do drop them a message if you have the same experience. Worth buying!

Esther Ong

Mpillow is the best pillow for me. I have been suffering from neck pain and sleeping become a problem for me. Getting to sleep every night is a nightmare. With Mpillow, I am able to get to sleep without problems and was able to sleep soundly through the night. I would definitely recommend Mpillow to everyone who is looking for a good pillow.

Wing Loong Poon
Review on DeepBlue Linen Mpillow

Was served by Darren. He was very patience in setting up my pillow as it took almost 1.5hrs. Had used the pillow almost 2 weeks and it solve my backache problem. From the price point, the pillow was not cheap. But from the benefit it bring, it worth every single cents.

Johnny Teo see chew
Probably the best pillow

Been sleeping with the pillow daily for slighly more than 1 month now, it is really comfortable. Not only it's ergo nature makes my sleeping posture better, it also allows me to rest better and enjoy my rest. Really glad to have invested in this wonderful product, kudos to the team for creating such a wonderful product.

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