6D Fibreball Firm Fillings

The individual fillings are made and designed to keep the integrity of the shape and the height of the Mpillow. The fillings equally are woven together in a fabric pouch.

6D Fibreball unveiled

What are our fillings made of?

With our 6D Fibreball Fillings made out from Microfibre, being light, weightless, and hypoallergenic. 

Individually handmade

One pouch at a time

Each pouch provides soft and comfortable insulation in your Mpillow when arranged, creating softness but yet supports your posture when you sleep

Closeup microscope view

6D Fibreball Structure

Made with hygiene in mind

Assembled in the depths of Mpillow's modular design, the fillings are kept safe from bacteria & bed mites above 4 layers of fabrics

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Small Fillings

Fine adjustments

We made it easy to facilitate adjustments of the pillow height. Insert or remove small fillings to increase or decrease the height by a bit. 

Big Fillings

More Adjustments

Insert or remove Large or Extra Large fillings to increase or decrease the height more

Washing Care Label

How to "revive" flatten fillings

Start to pull the clumped fillings away from one another. You will be able to un-clump the fillings till a puffy state in no time! 

Fillings for Cervical neck Support

Check out how to configure the Cervical neck support here