Size Matters

Tailored for Everyone

Choose from a variety of sizes and
materials to create a pillow that truly belong to you, and only you.

Height Issues

A pillow that is too high pushes your head and spine upwards, forcing you to slouch, which affects your shoulder, spine and even your overall posture.

Did you know that the height of your pillow should be equivalent to one side of your shoulder length? This will provide you with the optimal elevation for side sleeping.

Traditional vs Mpillow

Optimal Side Sleeping posture

Traditional pillows too high or low will casue spinal twisting and nerve pinching with neck strains throughout the night.

Traditional Vs Mpillow

Optimal Back Sleeping posture

High pillows pushes your head forward, stressing your neck, flat pillows does not support the neck either. Both could casue hinderence in your palate region, pushing you to breathe with your mouth. 

Find One, Your own size

With the width of Mpillow catered to your precise shoulder length, the M curvatures are made to fit perfectly for the perfect placement and posture for your shoulders and spine.

Adjustable Comfort

How do you customise a pillow?

With the filling sewn into small pouches, adjusting is easy peasy! Simply insert or remove pouches to adjust to your desired height.

Separated into three compartments, you can even customise different heights for different sleeping positions in each individual compartment.