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Mellow Life Pte Ltd

Premium NaturalWhite Linen Mpillow

$240.00 SGD

What's in the packaging

X2 Pillow Cover (Cotton)
X1 Pillow Inner Protector
X1 Pillow Case (Linen)
X1 Vacuum Zip Lock Bag with Fillings
X1 Laundry Bag

Fillings Quantity
(Please refer to the assembly guide for the no. of fillings per size)


Premium Tier Benefits

Price: $240 - $390
Pillow Components: 4
Modular Parts: Yes
Modular Adjustments: Fully Adjustable
Assembly Type: Customisable
Customisation Detail:
1. Shoulder Length
2. Neck Depth
3. Head Depth
4. Neck Length

Customisation: Self-Customise
Adjustments: Self-Adjustments
Warranty: 5 Years
Support Services:
Community Support
Online Support


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